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About Gladness of Heart

Founded in 2023, Gladness of Heart grew out of founder Eva Warren's own frustrations with modern dating. Most dating apps do not have the space to explain that when you select "Christian" you mean, specifically, Episcopalian and, frankly, most people on dating apps don't care enough for that level of nuance. How do you explain that yes church is important to you but no you don't think everyone else is going to Hell? How do you describe the joy of attending a weekday service without everyone looking at you like you're only there to convert them?

With Gladness of Heart you know that the people you are talking to already understand these critical issues so you can turn to the things that really matter like whether Rite I or Rite II is more your speed (this is meant only slightly in jest).

Gladness of Heart seeks to serve as your first stop in building a relationship rooted in your Episcopal faith. We serve all Episcopalians regardless of gender, race, or sexual identity. We will work with you to connect with potential future partners and look forward to celebrating your love for years to come!

About Eva Warren

Founder Eva Warren (she/her) is a lifelong Episcopalian whose love for the Church inspired her to facilitate the love of others. She holds degrees in Sociology from Kenyon College and The Ohio State University and serves the Church as a Deputy to General Convention and as Convener of the Young Adult Caucus.

When not stirring up good trouble in the Church, Eva spends her free time at home in Columbus, OH with her two cats (Oliver and Mira). She enjoys reading voraciously, listening to choral music, and freestyling in the kitchen with the latest goodies from a local farm box.